“Give me the luxuries and I can dispense with the necessities.” Oscar Wilde may have merely been engaging in a routine bout of epigrammatic reverie, but for Lusso, that phrase is something else. It is our battle cry and our inspiration.

Obviously, it doesn’t feel like battle when you’re staying in the world’s finest hotels, being pampered in the most remote and calming spas, driving the most expensive and fastest cars and eating the most delicious cuisine. It’s tough, but necessary.

Every other month, Lusso’s hardened cadre of luxury-lifestyle chroniclers bring you their honest thoughts and feelings about the best things in life that are very much far from free – destinations, locations, events, objects, gadgets, garments, digestibles and accoutrements.

We bring an informed, enlightened and detached view of them all. There’s a lot you can spend your cash on out there. Taking in Lusso before you do, may well be your only necessity.

The Lusso Reader

With a high net worth audience, it’s important to understand that if our readers are passionate about something, there is a high chance they will be well-informed on the subject. They are discerning and curious. We are not here to patronise or sell another’s agenda, like other luxury titles. We are here to entertain and inform them.

The Lusso Man looks to our pages for brutal honesty, truth and humour. They want seek inspiration and entertainment – not press releases, advertorials and stock photography.

The high net worth male is highly targeted. He crosses paths with many magazines, yet there are few he actually reads. In many cases, they may actively bemoan the dumbing down of previously highly regarded titles.

The Lusso Writer

Our contributors are features writers, novelists, thinkers and experts in their respective fields. We never use those reporters or journalists – ‘churnalists’, whose sole purpose is to merely rehash the press release. Lusso presents stories – entertaining and involving ones. It’s a grand tradition that goes back to the great print titles of the 20th century, from the New Yorker to Esquire, Picture Post to Vanity Fair. Like Hunter S. Thompson and Truman Capote, Tom Wolfe, Christopher Hitchens and Norman Mailer, the writers of Lusso are free to write what they really think.

Our editorial is our own, in our tone of voice and independent of influence. This not only helps to keep our readers interested in what we chose to cover every issue, but builds trust. Our writers are encouraged to be honest and our readers know this.


Lusso magazine publishes 6 editions per year on all major smartphone and tablet platforms. The discontinuation of our printed edition in December 2011 allowed us to focus more on developing our editorial and films, as well as better serve our rapidly growing digital audience. We do however publish a limited edition annual once per year that features the best received and most entertaining features from the year. Pre-orders for the annual are opened three months before the on sale date.

More Information

Detailed information on the magazine, the various channels in which we operate and the team involved can be found within our media pack. Click here to download.